Monday, October 20, 2014

Leave Public Square Alone

This is Satinder P.S. Puri, a retired engineer who is protesting a planned $30-million makeover of Cleveland's Public Square.

Puri, who previously went on a hunger strike to protest the demolition of the historic John Marshall High School on Cleveland's west side, says the rerouting of traffic will cause significant delays, blocking of intersections, long lines, increased travel time for 18 bus routes and more than $1 million additional transit system operating costs. (John Marshall was demolished despite his efforts. A new John Marshall school is being erected in its place.)

The plan to close Ontario Street and narrow Superior Avenue to create more "green space" will also fundamentally change the "public" character of Public Square.

It's a lonely fight. Most people walk by apathetically. But he is committed. Fight on, Mr. Puri!


 (Photos: Top, Pamela Zoslov; Above, Mark Satola)

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