Monday, May 20, 2013

Giant Microphone

Cool sculpture of a giant stand microphone at the new Buckeye-Woodhill Rapid Transit station in Cleveland, OH, described as a "1940s-style microphone" on the RTA website. No information about the artist or the sculpture's origin is provided at the site.

Cleveland Asian Festival 2013

This is one of Cleveland's newest and most inclusive ethnic festivals. It opens the summer festival season on a high note.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rapping Public Square

Bless All Who Enter

Proud To Be in Cleveland

Cleveland, my hometown, is a strange place. The recent discovery of three long-missing girls kept captive in a West Side house for a decade, a ghastly serial killer not long ago on the East Side, crumbling infrastructure alongside gentrification efforts based on drinking (breweries, wine bars and distilleries), overeating (Food Network-inspired pork restaurants), and gambling (a casino at the heart of downtown). At the same time, there are genuine improvements -- renovations of long-neglected low-income neighborhoods and a growing urban agriculture movement. It's a battle between Nice and Vice.

This picture, for me, exemplifies Nice -- regular people living life in the best way they can, sometimes carrying a little puppy.

Cold Day in May

 (Above and below) Cleveland Flea, St. Clair Avenue.