Friday, February 15, 2013

Florida 2013, Part II

Jo Jo, who was hanging out with friends in the park and didn't mind posing for a photo. "You wouldn't happen to have a dollar, would you? I'm not gonna lie to you, I wanna buy a beer." I liked her honesty and spirit.

Downtown Clearwater is the home of Scientology's "spiritual headquarters," in the former Fort Harrison Hotel, which the Church bought under an assumed name in the 1970s. According to Lawrence Wright, author of "Going Clear," the sleepy town of Clearwater was chosen by L. Ron Hubbard in part because of its name, "clear" being a key tenet in Scientology. Many identically dressed Scientologists (white shirts, dark pants), not a little reminiscent of Mormons, can be seen milling about downtown.

A beacon on this otherwise bland portion of Sunset Point Road.

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